• TFI Touch

    ‘TFI Touch’ combines the stress relieving benefits of both Reiki and Massage for the ultimate physical relaxation experience.

    Massage works by getting energy that is physically blocked moving again, when the hands delivering the massage have reiki flowing through them the effects are magnified to not only break up tension and relieve stress held in your muscles but also to open and align your chakras. The heat that is produced by the energy flowing only increases the relaxing nature of the treatment and as an add on for those looking for additional pain and stress relief, you have the option to add CBD Oil into the mix.

    Massage and Reiki both help to alleviate Stress, manage pain, ease symptoms of depression, relieve tension and improve sleep which all promote better wellbeing.

    • £35 – 30 mins
    • £50 – 1hr
    • Additional £10 to add CBD Oil

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