• TFI Reiki

    I am an Angelic Reiki Master and provide a non-invasive, simple and effective method of working with high vibrational healing energy. The technique involves me acting as an intuitive channel to guide the energy into you, the client to release energy blocks that are holding you back. This can be through the means of touch, but also works without contact and via distance healing via video call.

    It is the connection with ourselves first and then the outside world that allows us to navigate the consistency of change that is life’s only certainty. Reiki sessions allow us to be in the presence of something larger than ourselves whilst simultaneously connecting us to our own consciousness, allowing the space for instant physical relaxation and rejuvenation, mental clarity and inner peace.

    This might sound complicated, but all you have to do is lie back and relax! Primarily, we look to calm your nervous system so that you can move out of “Fight, Flight or Freeze” and into “Rest and Recovery” mode, so your body, mind and soul can begin to effectively heal itself. Reiki is useful for anyone seeking relaxation or stress reduction and it has also been shown to benefit a wide range of mental, physical and emotional conditions.

    Many of my clients have previously suffered with physical pain and mental health issues which regular Reiki treatments help to alleviate. You can read some of my testimonials here.

  • Research into the healing properties of Reiki have already started to deliver interesting observations. For example, the electro-magnetic or bio-magnetic energy emitted from a practitioner’s hands could correspond with the frequencies of energy required to stimulate the healing of the body’s tissues. By creating pulsing magnetic fields in the individual, a response at a cellular level is triggered that stimulates the healing or repair. The use of electric currents in healing is already used in traditional medical diagnoses and treatments, through the use of ECG and MRI scanning.

    In November 2019 a client mentioned that he used a camera that recorded kinetic gamma energy as heat in his work as a surveyor. I asked him to bring the camera to our next session so that I could carry out an experiment. My theory was that this camera would be able to detect the movement of energy from my hands before, during and after the Reiki session.

    As you can see from the pictures above, that is exactly what happened thereby providing physical evidence of the flow of Reiki energy from my hands. On the left, you can see my hands as they appear to the naked eye and under the heat camera before I have opened up as a channel to give Reiki. Top right, you can see a few minutes later the heat created by the movement of energy through the palms of my hands. Bottom right shows the increase in the amount of energy that is transmitted, which has spread to include my fingers after an hours Reiki session.

    Individual 1hr sessions are £50 so don’t delay, experience the feeling of Reiki for yourself and contact me to book in.