• TFI Equine

    I use the power of Reiki with my own intuitive guidance to provide a reading of your horses energy, allowing greater connection, understanding and empathy for them. Sessions provide insight, relaxation and often answers to issues you are both experiencing. I let the horse lead the way with where they require the Reiki and what they wish to communicate. Just like us each horse and session is individual, which is what makes my work so much fun and wonderfully interesting!

    During our session I aim to help your horse relax, release and reconnect. I work to provide a safe space for them to unwind, regulate the nervous system and come back into connection with themselves as well as open a channel of communication between you and your horse. You communicate with your horse through energy both when riding and with general care, so if one or other of you are holding blockages it is likely to manifest either physically or emotionally. Nobody can deny the bond you have with your horse and a Reiki session can help to strengthen that.

    Just like humans, horses carry the injury, stress and emotions they have picked up throughout their lives and as their energy centres work in the same way as ours, Reiki can be used to treat training, physical, and emotional/psychological issues.

    Horses are usually very receptive to Reiki although every horse is different and depending on how open they are will depend on how they react. Sometimes it can take a number of sessions to work through the layers of trauma, shut down and pain a horse has experienced before they will come back into their bodies and hearts fully but when given enough time I’ve never had a horse I couldn’t work with.

    I always start a session by introducing myself to them, “turning on” the Reiki and then gauging their reaction. Some horses will give me a particular body part they want working on, some will appear to fall asleep straight away, others will look like nothings happening and continue to eat hay but common signs the reiki is flowing include: Wobbly lips, licking and chewing, yawning, stretching, twitching, resting legs, falling asleep, staying perfectly still, stomach noises and going to the loo.

    In regards to how I work, I will feel things in my body that correspond to energy movement in your horse and I also see, hear, feel and speak things on their behalf. Sometimes they show me pictures in my mind, sometimes I hear words or phrases and other times they “speak” directly through me and I simply “play catch phrase”, so I tell you exactly what I am experiencing as it happens. I aim to minimise any kind of interpretation on my part in order to make sure the messages are as clear as possible. Sometimes we have to piece the information together as it comes through, but it normally makes sense in the end.

    No matter how the session pans out, Reiki is a great tool to connect and communicate with your horse and I endeavour to use my empathic intuition to always give you both the best possible treatment.

  • I believe in order to develop a horse to its maximum potential as quickly as possible, you need to understand what makes your horse who they are and how to work with them most effectively because of that.

    Individual 1hr sessions are £50 with discounts available for multiple horses.

    I cover most of Kent and some areas of Surrey and Sussex, within an hours drive from my home although if there are multiple horses to see travel further afield can be arranged. If in doubt, please provide your postcode when you get in touch.

    To discuss your horse’s needs and see if I can help, please contact me