• TFI Change Facilitation

    Change is the only inevitable thing in life and the more skills we learn to navigate and therefore embrace it, the easier life can feel.

    Sessions are led by you and your needs but supported by my counselling skills, empathic and psychic nature as well as intuitive guidance with the aim to empower and reconnect you to your true self and equip you with skills to cope with whatever challenges life may be presenting in the moment.

    I endeavour to support you through a change that has already happened that you may feel rocked by, or to prepare and deal with a change you know you are ready to make. When we change and deepen the connection we have with ourselves, this is reflected back in more harmony and flow in our outside world therefore making the next step into the future feels less daunting.

    I am Mental Health Aware and trauma informed as well as obtaining a CPCAB Counselling Skills (Level 2). I am not a counsellor, but as well as “day to day” changes in career, relationships and self-discovery I have experience dealing with a number of different subjects that you may need support to develop through such as Complex PTSD, Anxiety, Weight loss, Spiritual Development and the Twin Flame Journey.

    I offer individual 1hr mentoring sessions for £75, there are discounts available for courses of sessions please enquire HERE.