• “You, Me, Just Us Three”

    The Down to Earth Spiritual Podcast

    Listen to conversations that bridge the gap between us all, where the energy created forms a connection with ourselves, each other and throughout the universe.

    My aim is to break down the barriers, stigma and common misunderstandings around Complex PTSD, energy work and spiritualism by having down to Earth conversations with people from various walks of life to share stories, guidance and create discussion around how energy and connection affects and most importantly can heal us all in our everyday lives.

    These dynamic conversations aim to bring more depth of understanding as to who we are as souls and humans, help us to connect and heal and I hope will inspire, motivate and entertain.

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  • Episode 14

    “Conflict as a Path to Success” with Jay Sahota, The Happy Solicitor

    This week we openly discuss the case on:

    • How to stay positive when surrounded by conflict
    • Releasing emotion to find the truth
    • Empathy as the base of successful resolution
    • Bringing Humour, Light and humanity to create connection
    • Finding integrity and authenticity in your existence

    Jay is the senior partner of Jarmans. He read law at Cambridge and trained with Allen & Overy before spending several years at city firms as a commercial litigation lawyer. He has acted for the likes of Ryanair and Tesco. Jay’s motto at Jarmans is that we have an exceptional team providing exceptional client care. Jarmans Solicitors are a Kent based legal firm offering London expertise at Kentish rates. With clients all over the world they provide first class personal and commercial legal advice. Their highly experienced team of personal and business solicitors work hard to ensure that clients receive honest, pragmatic and clear legal advice. They are a forward-thinking legal firm, who still believe in maintaining traditional core values.

    https://www.jarmanssolicitors.co.uk/ / https://www.linkedin.com/company/jarmanssolicitors/ / https://www.facebook.com/JarmansSolicitors / https://twitter.com/JarmansSols / https://www.instagram.com/jarmans_sols/


  • Episode 13

    “What is Energy Alignment?” with Louisa Havers, Success & Business Coach

    We combine our personal WIFI this week and talk about:

    • Blending the Woo and Non-Woo
    • Unlocking Your Heart to wake up happy
    • Finding your energetic toolkit
    • Learning to let go of past pain
    • The Benefits of Akashic Record Clearing
    • Following the Breadcrumbs to live your best life

    Louisa Havers helps high achievers and coaches to have income breakthroughs and live the life of their dream. Louisa has been on the hamster wheel of survival and from there took herself out of her comfort zone, leaving her Senior Executive job in Social Services to reinvent herself as an Entrepreneur, running a successful International Life & Business Coaching Business.

    Louisa works very intuitively, and combines her knowledge of energy psychology, leadership expertise and business mentoring to support your transformation and reconnection with yourself and so that you can reach your full potential  with fulfilment, love and connected to your inner guidance.

     https://louisahavers.com/ https://www.instagram.com/louisahavers https://www.facebook.com/louhavers Facebook Group (The Art of Alignment: The Place To Be For High Achievers and Coaches) – https://www.facebook.com/groups/theartofalignmentlivingthelifeyouwant https://www.linkedin.com/in/energy-alignment-method-life-and-business-coach/ https://www.youtube.com/c/LouisaHavers


  • Episode 12

    “Align Your Body, Mind & Soul” with Bibi Bohorquez

    Revolutionise your body this week and discover more about:

    • How to find connection with your body and live rather than exist
    • Listening to your bodies warning system
    • Trauma recovery and soothing the Vagus nerve
    • Body work as a first step to growth
    • Physical alignment as a spiritual tool
    • Causes of neck and lower back pain

    A fully certified and insured Manual Therapist with a background in dance and martial arts, Bibi has a strong belief in the mind / body connection.

    She gets her kicks from the ‘Aha!’ moment that comes with uncovering the real root of an issue.

    Using Acupressure Massage as the main body of her work, Bibi combines Fascial Stretch Therapy, Qigong Massage, Reflexology, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation techniques and Mobilisations to deliver a wide spectrum recovery and maintenance programme.

    Bibi is also a Postural Alignment coach, returning ownership of their bodies to her clients. This is done through assessments of postural dysfunctions and coaching through a series of specialised exercises designed to retrain muscles that have forgotten their jobs to re-join the single unit workforce that is the body.

    She is committed to helping people achieve optimal health and performance through regular treatments, follow-on advice and good humour!

    This is Align – Revolutionise your body


  • Episode 11

    “What is Reiki?” with Leah Poppy & Sally Baker from Ellenor Charity

    If you’ve not tried Reiki before, donate £50 to Ellenor and receive a Reiki session with Theo: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/TFIReikiforEllenor

    This week we delve into:

    • What is complimentary therapy and its benefits?
    • How could Reiki help me? What will I experience?
    • How does Reiki support Cancer patients and their carers?
    • The Power of a positive mindset
    • Opening up to the energy of love

    Ellenor provide the best hospice care and support to families facing terminal illness in Kent. They are the only charity in the county that provides hospice care for people of all ages. Our care includes pain and symptom relief, palliative care, end of life care, respite, bereavement support and emotional and spiritual care. Their Children’s Hospice Care is provided in the comfort of the family home and spans across North and West Kent and the London Borough of Bexley. Adults living in Gravesham, Dartford and Swanley receive care in their place of choice; including their own home, at our hospice in Gravesend or a local care home.#ellenorcharity @ellenorcharity 



  • Episode 10

    “Music; Connection that Cannot be Silenced” with Max Truphet, DJ & Producer

    Awesome energy in this weeks conversation where we discuss:

    • Creating Positivity from Neglect of the Live Music Industry in 2020
    • Finding creativity and managing the creative process
    • Managing mental health and addiction
    • Finding acceptance and gratitude in any situation
    • The power and energy of live music
    • The healing energy of connection to music and live performance

    Max is a British music producer and DJ. He’s spent the best part of the last decade touring the world with the likes of Stormzy, SG Lewis, Jessie Ware and King Charles as a playback tech and session musician. 2020 has been a difficult break in the touring schedule, but has provided an opportunity to stay in one place, write more music and reconnect with family.




  • Episode 9

    “Becoming A Spiritual Master” with Helene Rothschild, Holistic Intuitive Psychotherapist & Author


    Enjoy Episode 9 where we discuss:

    • “All you need is HART” Combining Traditional Therapy and Spiritual Healing
    • The power of knowledge vs wisdom
    • A scientific explanation of spirituality
    • How to manifest, clear karma, stop people pleasing and raise your self esteem
    • How to satisfy the mind and learn how to feel
    • How to gain control of your mind, body, spirit and emotions to find peace

    Helene Rothschild is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Intuitive Counsellor, Spiritual Teacher/Healer, Animal Communicator/Healer, Author & Psychic who hopes to inspire and offer transformational information.


  • Episode 8

    “What is ‘Spiritual’?” with Adrian Johnson

    Wisdom from someone who has been there and done it, Adrian and I discuss:

    • Building and deconstructing the Ego
    • Blending Business and Spiritualty
    • Spiritual Stereotyping
    • The Consciousness of Skill
    • The Power of Love

    Adrian Johnson is a wonderful soul and would like to speak to you directly:

    “Hello everyone, I was born into a family of alternative spiritual types going back several generations, and with a mixture of the Anglican church and several years’ Jungian analysis gradually connected with Planet Earth. 50 years as a chartered surveyor (before I retired) also helped! I’ve seen a lot of New Age stuff come and go and now I’m old enough to find myself in the ‘Coo, did you really know X?’ category. It comes to us all, you know. It can be fun calling myself a pagan Christian as various theologically correct types get exasperated. I’m well past the age of needing an identity to walk this Earth with. Life is immensely much bigger than us. Anyone with genuinely mystical experience knows it’s (a) not woolly and (b) gives you a completely different connection with things. It’s not weird, it’s nothing to get on about, it’s our birth right. So listen on……”


  • Episode 7

    “Self-Pleasure; The Foundation of Love” with Sadhu Valakhilyas, Sex & Relationship Coach


    Cultivating a sexual relationship with oneself is the basis for episode 7 and all our relationships so we discuss:

    • How to identify your connection with your sexual power
    • Rethinking sex education
    • Releasing shame
    • The role of Porn
    • Learning to flow with desire and removing goal orientated performance anxiety
    • Finding your sexiness

    Sadhu Valakhilyas is a transformational sex and relationship coach. He loves to share his gifts as space holder and facilitator of erotic empowerment focused deep process work. He brings a rich fusion of experience in sexual shamanic work, sexological bodywork, tantra, shadow hunting, and embodiment practices, working with both individuals and groups.
    He is devoted to his own individual heart-expanding, transformational life path, and is grounded, playful, creative, and committed to authentic human expression.




  • Episode 6

    “What’s the difference between the Mind and the Soul?” with Denise Searle, Lifefix


    Asking the big questions in episode 6 as we discuss:

    • Removing the “Woo” when tapping into a higher power
    • Pepper pig demonstrates how energy connects us all
    • How does Reiki work? What are Angels?
    • How the subconscious mind can sabotage manifesting our dream life
    • Converting Energy into comprehensible form
    • Hypnotherapy VS Hypnotic Coaching

    Denise Searle is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnotic Coach working internationally with clients across Europe and the USA. Denise has developed her own unique methods of helping women to achieve more of what they truly desire rather than what they think they should do or what society expects of them.  She has developed a range of online group programs including the Hypnotic Slimmer Coaching Program which frees women from the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster and Beyond Hypnobirthing, a unique blend of hypnobirthing and life coaching designed to help professional and executive women find the right work/life balance for them, their family and their professional goals.

    Denise Searle Hypnotic Coaching | LinkedIn


  • Episode 5

    “Connection as the Cure” with Lee & Sherry Patterson, Relationship Reinvented

    Relationship Reinvented

    Reinventing the relationship with yourself in episode 5 as we discuss:

    • Is what I think actually what I feel?
    • Blocks to vulnerability
    • Are we more connected by our disconnects?
    • Exploring Inner Child healing
    • The key to finding Love
    • Connecting to your body

    Lee & Sherry Patterson are non-Judgemental, heard it all and probably have done it kinda people! They have been through hell and back many times and now are in an honest and Real Twin Flame Union and are a Mastered Life and Relationship Coaching Couple!

    Relationship Reinvented will support your growth with love and compassion, teach you how to own your actions and reactions as well as see your relationship as a vehicle for your own growth and learning. They can help you to know when to stay and when to leave a relationship, resolve conflict and teach you how to control your emotions. If you have trouble trusting yourself or others, feel like you have tried everything and nothing has helped and are tired of hitting your head on the same old wall of discouragement, hopelessness and frustration then Relationship Reinvented Coaching is for you!


  • Episode 4

    “Rethinking Awakening” with Alisha Braché, Cosmic Gateway


    We open the door to spirituality in episode 4 to discuss:

    • Developing you as a whole
    • Pathways into spiritual expansion
    • Physical symptoms of ascension
    • Cognitive, emotional and physical stages of Awakening
    • The Twin Flame Healing journey
    • Finding a Guide

    Alisha as a child was very Intune with her healing and psychic abilities. 20 years ago she started formal studies to develop my intuitive and healing gifts. Over the years Alisha trained in all forms of esoteric and energy techniques (Psychic Mediumship, Trance/Channelling, Energy Healing, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Quantum Healing & many more.)
    Alisha is also a qualified Holistic Living Counsellor. Since graduating she set up her own practice and have assisted hundreds of clients towards their path of self-mastery. Over the years of travels, studies and working one-on-one with my clients, Alisha formulated her own Energy Alignment techniques which assist with the relief of things like anxiety, depression, fears & phobias, trauma, past life blockages, direction & purpose, physical ailments and much more.

    Alisha now specialises in Energy work to assist people on their own Spiritual Awakening process and Divine Partnership journey. With years of personal experience, she have the capacity to support those going through the various stages of awakening to help empower their own individual journeys. She is very passionate about supporting people to their own Personal Mastery and becoming more in alignment with their soul’s purpose which assists transitioning humanity towards a better future.


  • Episode 3

    “Putting the Human in Human Resources” with Sandhya Iyer, Managing Director of The HR Department

    The HR Department
    Join working mum Sandhya and I when we discuss:

    • Creating Work/Life Balance
    • Mental Health in the Workplace
    • Finding the Right Support
    • Guilt Free Parenting – is it possible?
    • Therapy as an empowerment tool

    Sandhya Iyer is a mum and equally passionate business woman. She runs a successful and growing HR consultancy firm. Having graduated from India in business studies and acquiring an MBA, she worked across three different continents as an HR professional. Whilst in London, it was hard work and a steep learning curve, negotiating with much respected but resilient trade unions. During this time, besides ushering in her new family, she was also toiling away at getting a post graduate degree from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, UK. She eventually shifted her focus to the SME sector. She wanted quicker turnaround for her efforts. The SME sector seemed like the perfect place to share her expertise, given their demand for greater efficiencies and smaller budgets. She invested in the HR Dept franchise in late 2017 and has since built a successful and strong network of clients, friends and colleagues. Sandhya today runs her HR consultancy firm from West Kent and is also on the Board of the Sevenoaks Chamber of Commerce. During her leisure time, she looks forward to gardening and cooking with the children, and walking their labradoodle, Truffle.


  • Episode 2

    “Using Nature as a Guide for Change” with Emily Brown, Internationally Published Lifestyle & Wedding photographer


    Bring the outdoors inside episode 2 where we discuss:

    • Using Nature to relax
    • Working with nature
    • Becoming Eco-friendly
    • Giving back to nature
    • The death and rebirth cycle

    Emily is an internationally published portrait photographer, creating high-quality images to encapsulate and preserve special moments. She specialises in images taken outdoors using natural light and incorporating the local landscape as her backdrop. Due to Emily’s colourful, foliage-filled style of shooting, she photographs families, countryside weddings, and takes promotional imagery for businesses who are either based outdoors or within the health and wellbeing sector. Additionally, Emily offers a range of sustainable products, including vegan options, to enable clients to showcase and treasure their images. Emily has successfully built a brand around her passions and eco-conscious values, with a love for nature and making memories at the heart of her business.


  • Episode 1

    “Who am I? Finding Authenticity” with Chris Murphy, The Speaking Mentor


    Straight talking only in episode 1 where we discuss:

    • Does what you do make you who you are?
    • How to find your authentic self and then be ok with what you find
    • How to find freedom and peace within
    • Making your mind your friend – perceived threat VS reality
    • Vulnerability as the pathway to Authenticity

    Chris works as The Speaking Mentor, helping people become more confident and engaging speakers in their personal and professional lives.

    He started life as a physiotherapist, he then became a university lecturer and then a health training business owner. After burning out he re evaluated his life, joined a Toastmasters public speaking club and after 4 years he was running all their training and had won 2 National Speech Contests in impromptu speaking and speech evaluation. He has found his dream job and he meets people from all walks of life and loves helping them find their voice so they can say exactly what they want to how they want to.

    Audio + Video