• About Me

    Previous to my spiritual awakening in 2016, on the face of it I lived a pretty standard life. I balanced a highly stressful job and busy social life amidst the personal challenges that life will inevitably throw at you but my mental and physical health were holding on by a thread.

    After being introduced to the concept of Twin Flames and then energy, I quickly understood that healing was going to be an integral part of my future. In January 2019, shortly before I published my first book “1 – Twin Flame Meditations to help you understand, heal & grow” – which you can purchase here – I travelled to India and first experienced the transformative effects of energy healing. I dedicated myself to a healing path for both myself and others full time from that point onward and so began my education and experience of the life changing moments within energy healing, self-care and trauma recovery.

    I continue to deepen the connection with my authentic self in both the spiritual areas of energy healing, psychic development, trance mediumship and shamanism as well as physically where I enjoy walking, the gym, horse riding, writing, art, music and connecting with nature.

    Throughout the upheaval that the recent times have presented the planet with, I have finally understood the power of being present and connected in the current moment, alongside completing both counselling skills and massage courses to further support my clients and Reiki business moving forwards.

    I live in Kent with Burd, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, where I continue to work on my own energy as the essential foundation for my spiritual, healing and Twin souls journey.

  • Qualifications / Associations

    • Silver Award Winner in “Complimentary Health Practitioner” Kent Health & Beauty Awards 2020
    • Bronze Award Winner  in “New Business of the Year” Kent Health & Beauty Awards 2020
    • Angelic Reiki Master (Human and Animals)
    • Usui Ryoho Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification (Human)
    • Usui Ryoho Reiki Instruction Certification (Horses and small animals)
    • CPCAB Counselling Skills (Level 2)
    • Swedish Body Massage Certification
    • Mental Health Aware Certification
    • Horse Care NVQ Level 2
    • The British Horse Society
    • UK Reiki Federation
    • Full Professional Liability Insurance