• Hello, I’m Theodora!

    I work with the invisible, something that has to be experienced to be believed. Coming from a non-spiritual start in life, I thoroughly respect the scepticism surrounding energy healing but having experienced the transformational benefits of this healing in my own life, I would like to invite you to share this experience alongside the many clients who are always impressed and often amazed by the results.

    I love working with both horses and humans to aid the healing process on your individual journey. I am grateful to each and every client for the unique experiences and opportunity for connection and heart centred healing that sessions provide.

    I was thrilled to win a Bronze award for “New Business of the Year” and a Silver Award for “Complimentary Health Practitioner” at the Kent Health & Beauty Awards 2020. I endeavour to continue to bring Reiki and the benefit of Energy Healing to the forefront of people’s attention in order to help as many people as possible using complimentary health practices.












    One of the other ways I endeavour to bring greater understanding and awareness to CPTSD, Energy healing and Spirituality is to launch the video podcast “You, Me, Just Us Three”, to subscribe and find out more information please click here.

    I hope that one day the benefits of Reiki as a complimentary therapy and great empowerment tool will become mainstream as humanity finds its way out of the current disconnection from all that is natural and true.

  • Everything we encounter is energy vibrating at a unique frequency. I am similar to a radio tuning into your particular frequency, I find your station and the Reiki energy is the electricity that enables us both to hear your broadcast. The more resistance and blocks you hold within our body and energy field the harder it is for that to be heard clearly, so essentially my aim is to reduce your white noise leaving you feeling relaxed, energised and with a greater sense of wellbeing.

    My down-to-earth approach when working with both humans and horses helps clients understand how they can use the energy all around us to lighten the load, and their lives.

    Please check out my Services and contact me to book a session.